Here is a list of frequently asked questions

General questions
We have access to consulting rooms across the North West.
You can submit an enquiry, letting us know what kind of service you require by clicking here. We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 72 hours. If our team do not have the capacity to meet your requirements at that time, we will aim to pass on details to you of someone who can (we have several fully qualified affiliates to whom we sometimes pass cases).
Our fees vary depending upon your requirements and funding source. One of our psychologists will be pleased to discuss this with you in more detail. We ask that the initial consultation is paid for upfront at the end of the appointment by cash or cheque. Thereafter, you may be invoiced monthly. For medico-legal services, psychologists will discuss their individual terms and conditions with the legal team, but will usually invoice for work completed when submitting the report.
Yes we do. This can be arranged with the individual psychologist.
Yes, we offer medico-legal services for both adults and children in the area of personal injury.
Yes, we offer this service for both adults and children.
This depends on the type of treatment offered. It will depend almost entirely on the needs of the client. In the first instance an assessment session may take up to two hours. If it is decided that ongoing therapy/intervention is likely to be beneficial then this can be negotiated with the individual psychologist.
All our psychologists are registered with the Health Professions Council and the British Psychological Society (BPS). As registered psychologists we are obliged to work within the guidelines of the BPS Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice. This means that we will maintain the highest standards in ensuring that your information is held securely.
On occasions during the course of our work it might become apparent that there are people (you or others) who are at risk of harm. If, in this instance, it were felt that sharing information could reduce the risk of harm we would do so with relevant agencies. Information will only be shared with others when it is in the interests of safety and in most cases you will be informed of this decision beforehand.
We can work with adults, adolescents or children individually, as a couple or as a family. There may be times when we feel it would be useful for the adults to have separate sessions from the child and we would be happy to negotiate this way of working when appropriate and could arrange for a partner psychologist to facilitate this.